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Environment Monitoring

SPS monitors environments for changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, gas and CO, light, sound, motion and air quality. When contextualised, which is completed automatically through the SPS dashboard, it is easy for any user to understand the environment in which they are monitoring. Visual alerts confirm whether the environment is safe, potentially dangerous or dangerous, and the alerting protocol can be adjusted accordingly.

Plant / Equipment Monitoring

SPS can overlay sensors into a range of equipment and plant systems, including AHU’s, chillers, fridges, boilers, fans, pumps, flow and return temps and much more. The SPS on-boarding process identifies exactly which sensors you would benefit from which, in turn, allows you to get the most out of the system.

Lone Worker Safety

When an engineer, operative or visitor enters your plant room, what environment are you actually sending them into? Understanding the risk(s) within plant rooms is key to tackling lone worker safety. Trips, falls, accidents with equipment / machinery and lack of communication is a serious issue within these environments.

SPS uses the most advanced AI driven detection system available on the open market, developed by SPS specifically for lone worker safety within plant environments which includes complete "man down" protection.
SPS technology is Patent Pending and is not available elsewhere.


Engineer falls off a ladder,
rendering themselves


SPS uses an AI driven system to baseline sound, meaning that any sound outside of normal use is immediately detected and pushed to the users (an office, support centre, FM or emergency services), who can then listen back to the sound, try and contact the engineer (through SPS’ two-way comms) or can render assistance as required. SPS can also provide environment insight through cameras, thermal imaging and much more.


Engineer is working on a
flue, ends up getting their
arm stuck between the flue
and the boiler and has no
way of calling for



A simple call for “help” or any other shout / scream etc will activate the lone worker safety device, immediately alerting support as necessary.


SPS’ state-of-the-art Secure Communication Module makes lack of contact in plant rooms a thing of the past! With an on-board WiFi hotspot – ready for engineers and operatives to connect to – reports, job sheets, pictures and video can be uploaded quickly and easily without the need to leave the plant room. The SPS Secure Communication Module can also allow for quick and easy two-way communication between a manager and the plant room directly. SPS does not rely on active internet, cell or WiFi connections and is completely stand alone.

Network Security

SPS’ parent company is one of the UK’s leading cyber security organisations. SPS is the only active cyber protection device specifically designed for protecting BMS systems and their core functions and features. With that in mind, a huge amount of development has gone into ensuring SPS is GDPR compliant, offers a high level of security and also has the ability to detect cyber attacks on BMS systems through our proprietary malicious traffic detection system (MTDS)


SPS has invested a huge amount of resources into ensuring that the sensors we deploy are the

best in the world. Many competitors offer “long range sensors” which travel around 50m. The

SPS solution utilises proprietary, in-house sensor units, with a range of 950m+, 256-bit AES (bank

grade) encryption, are totally battery powered (making them power-cut proof) and utilise a built

in power management unit (PMU) delivering up to six years of battery life! Not only that but the

SPS sensor units are built to be highly accurate whilst ensuring that sensing solutions are fast,

secure and always available.

Types of sensors we deploy include:


Plus 65 more sensors, allowing SPS to create a bespoke solution for your environment by simply adding sensors to your existing SPS solution. Need additional sensors? Want to monitor another tap? SPS supply pre-configured sensors next day, allowing you to add a range of sensors to your environment at the touch of a button.

Energy Monitoring

How much energy are you really using? SPS can monitor AC & DC current, voltage and energy consumption, from 1.5V to 3 phase industrial supplies. The SPS dashboard then harnesses the efficiency of encrypted data retention to build a highly accurate picture of power consumption which can be used to reduce energy use and expenditure.

L8 4th Edition Audits

One of the biggest issues for Facilities Managers is compliance to ACOP L8 4th Edition – more commonly known as “tap temperature” regulations. This is an often expensive and labour intensive task, requiring manual checking of temperatures at each faucet / outlet at regular intervals. SPS removes the human requirement by distributing highly accurate, always on temperature sensors, providing real-time visibility into outlet temperatures and providing a “one click audit” with historical data archiving.

Always Available 100% of the Time

SPS is an “off grid” device and requires no external connections from your building (WiFi, ethernet etc).


With an integrated PMU backup system, SPS is always on and available, even after power cuts, floods, disasters and other building / grid failures.

Physical Security

The SPS solution understands the risk of operating plant rooms within sensitive buildings and environments. Who is entering the plant room? How long were they there for? By utilising a range of technology, from PIR to cameras and motion detection, SPS has got the physical security of your environment covered. Clients utilise this function to monitor engineer on-site time, alert on homeless / rough sleeping, notification of tenants using these areas for storage and to provide a real-time view into their asset.

Real Time Audio Visual

SPS can easily incorporate a 4k high resolution, thermal imaging or even night vision camera in order to provide the clearest view of your environment. Not only does audio and video provide enhanced safety, security and visibility, but they can also assist in streamlining reactive, fault finding, diagnostics, PPM and servicing.


SPS is a stand alone unit which requires NO connections to any of your building or environment infrastructure. Unlike other monitoring solutions, SPS does not require an internet connection and the SPS solution will work in any environment, even areas with no cell signal (such as underground plant rooms) or places with no internet / communications.

Installation of SPS is a quick and easy process. The SPS hardware is installed by a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer. As the SPS solution is entirely self-sufficient, we only require a single power outlet within the plant room, unless any other connections have been pre-agreed. 

During an initial survey, a suitable site location will be identified. Installation usually takes less than two hours and the SPS solution will begin collecting building data immediately.

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